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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and conditions for the Trade Aid database and image library

Trade Aid has an image and story policy that dictates both the documenting and publication of Trade Aid stories and images.

In order to access the Trade Aid database, users must adhere to the following guidelines that result from Trade Aid Story and Image Policy, below. Please read them carefully before agreeing to the terms and conditions of use when registering to receive access.

Terms and Conditions

All photographs and information in the Trade Aid database and image library may be downloaded and republished free of charge in print publications - newspapers, magazines, books and the like - and on internet sites, subject to the following conditions:


  • The User (with the exception of users accessing the site through a Trade Aid shop login) has registered their details with Trade Aid using the registration page.
  • In all cases, credit for the photograph must be given to both the photographer (if applicable) and the copyright owner, as indicated in the photograph caption. In most cases the copyright owner will be Trade Aid. This credit must appear on the same page or alongside the image in both print and online publications.
  • Where the photographer’s name is not provided by the Trade Aid image library, it may be omitted. Credit for the photograph would in this case simply be Trade Aid or other relevant copyright owner.

Accuracy and content:

  • All images or stories when being reprinted must be accompanied by sufficient information to maintain their true context.
  • All information accompanying reprinted images or stories must be 100% accurate as documented in the Trade Aid database.
  • Sufficient information must be included with the image or story to be able to accurately and honestly use it for the intended purpose.
  • The photographs may not be materially altered. They may be cropped, provided that their editorial integrity is not compromised, but shall not, under any circumstances be rotated, altered, changed or tampered with, either manually or electronically, without the express written permission of Trade Aid.

To use the Trade Aid database and image library I agree to the following:

  • That Trade Aid photographs may not be used for any commercial or merchandising use, and may not be sold.
  • To provide draft versions of any promotional material produced using Trade Aid images and/or information to Trade Aid for final approval by Trade Aid, prior to production of materials for public display.
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